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Blame Hamas for civilian suffering in Gaza
פלסטינים עוזרים את צפון הרצועה דרומה
Opinion: Israel is fighting to eliminate an existential threat once and for all; Hamas has the power to stop the current Gazan suffering almost immediately, by releasing all hostages and offering an unconditional surrender

Sun, 10 Dec 2023 20:11:05 +0200

Writing the untold when you can't find the words
תמר מרין
What do you write when the qualities that were so prevalent in your writing no longer serve you? What do you write when you no longer believe anything or anyone? Israeli author Tamar Merin is asking herself what form should Israeli prose fiction take after this war

Sun, 10 Dec 2023 04:02:52 +0200

Well educated, yet completely ignorant
ארה"ב תא פרו פלסטיני ב הרווארד שנקרא הוועדה לסולידריות עם פלסטין של הרווארד
Opinion: Following Hamas' attack on October 7, calls for support for the terrorist organization in the West make it clear that its moral compass has been altered

Sun, 10 Dec 2023 02:02:33 +0200

Protests undermine hostage rescue effort and strengthen Hamas' negotiation position
צעדה מסביב לקריה להחזרת החטופים
Opinion: While I may not personally know any of the hostages, I recognize the importance of doing everything possible to secure their release, including protests; Yet, in the realm of political engagement, it is crucial to ensure the actions contribute positively rather than hinder the desired outcome

Fri, 08 Dec 2023 21:34:25 +0200

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