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Is the nationality law a wolf in sheep's clothing?
צילום: אלכס קולומויסקי
Op-ed: A unilateral nationality law contradicts the vow we made to ourselves and to the world in the Declaration of Independence, which says the state is the national home of the Jewish people, but at the same time will 'maintain full equality for all its citizens, regardless of religion, race or gender.'

Thu, 19 Jul 2018 00:43:00 +0200

The new era of Jewish terror
צילום: גל ארבל
Op-ed: There is a growing acceptance and support of extreme right-wing views demonstrated by support for the defendants in the Duma terror trials. The practical objectives of Jewish rebel groups have turned into attempts to overthrow the government and start religious wars in order to establish a state governed by radical Jewish Law.

Tue, 17 Jul 2018 23:39:00 +0200

Proving itself to Iran, Hamas is deliberately playing with fire
צילום: AFP
Op-ed: Hamas reached a dead-end after Israel closed the Kerem Shalom border crossing. But the organization launched 200 rockets and bombs to impress Iran. An organization that wants a ceasefire, as Israel claims, does not do that. Nor does it send incendiary kites and balloons into Israeli communities.

Mon, 16 Jul 2018 23:34:00 +0200

How the incendiary balloons and kites could lead to war
צילום: AFP
Analysis: Neither Israel nor Hamas want another round of fighting in Gaza, so why have chances of a war breaking out increased? Hamas mistakenly believes the incendiary balloons give it a psychological victory over Israel's citizens. Israel must make the terror group realize such measures are of no use to it.

Fri, 13 Jul 2018 23:52:00 +0200

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